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Building Levels in Unity

Building Levels in Unity, 9781785282843 (1785282840), Packt Publishing, 2015

Create exciting 3D game worlds with Unity

About This Book

  • Craft game environments with extreme clarity by adding realism to characters, objects, and props
  • Import and set up custom assets such as meshes, textures, and normal maps in Unity
  • A step-by-step guide written in a practical format to take advantage of the many features available in Unity

Who This Book Is For

The book is aimed at game artists with no past programming experience who are interested in designing levels in Unity. It does not assume detailed knowledge of similar game platforms.

What You Will Learn

  • Get familiar with Unity editor by learning basic tools and features
  • Import and configure custom props and environmental assets
  • Use Mecanim and Animate props inside Unity
  • Discover details and nuances of character, import and create locomotion with Mecanim
  • Work with lighting to greatly enhance the environment
  • Create transitions, apply final touches, and journey through levels as a standalone application
  • Bring sound and particle effects to your levels

In Detail

Unity is a top industry choice, perfected for video game development, simulation creation, and environmental design. Its accessibility, flexible tuning, and fair licensing have made it the number one option for independent developers throughout the world.

From the basics to a playable demo, this book will help you build levels in Unity with hands-on practices.

Full of practical examples, it will start by getting you comfortable with the engine as it will enable you to freely navigate and complete tutorials with ease. The book will walk you through the technical requirements of importing your own assets, created with popular 2D and 3D applications, and how to optimize and enhance them with Unity.

By the end of the book, you will get accustomed to Unity editor and will be able to develop a fully-featured game world in Unity.

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