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Building Microsoft ASP.NET Applications for Mobile Devices, Second Edition


Extend your programming expertise across the widest range of mobile devices with this incisive guide to Microsoft ASP.NET mobile controls. Now integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003, ASP.NET mobile controls enable you to build applications that render intelligently on different devices—regardless of markup language, browser, or form factor. The authors expertly guide you through the mobile Web application development process, explaining how to fully exploit Visual Studio .NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 for rapid and more flexible development. Discover how to create innovative, intuitive solutions—instead of wrestling with interoperability issues.

Learn how to:

  • Build mobile Web Forms pages with device-independent properties, methods, and events
  • Use “code-behind” techniques to separate programming logic from the UI
  • Employ the standard controls or download new custom controls
  • Build controls from scratch and program device adapters
  • Customize applications for specific devices with templates
  • Access data using Microsoft ADO.NET and the Visual Database Tools
  • Know when to use application vs. session state
  • Apply best practices for using XML Web services in mobile applications
  • Help secure applications with ASP.NET authentication services
  • Develop multilingual and multicultural applications
  • Debug code, trap runtime errors, and use software emulators to test applications
  • Configure, package, and deploy applications
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Forensic Science: An Illustrated Dictionary
Forensic Science: An Illustrated Dictionary
The text is deserving of inclusion in the library of a crime laboratory, if not in the personal library of lab personnel.
- Scientific Sleuthing Review, Summer 2004

This volume introduces the laboratory terms that are crucial to the interpretation and understanding of laboratory report findings. The definitions and accompanying...

The Neuropsychiatry of Headache
The Neuropsychiatry of Headache

Whilst the vast majority of headaches are minor ailments, some patients develop chronic symptoms that have psychiatric dimensions. These symptoms can be immensely challenging to manage and can have a serious impact on the patient's quality of life. The relationship between headache and psychiatric disease is often rationalized as cause...

Concepts of Modern Mathematics
Concepts of Modern Mathematics
Concepts of Modern Mathematics began as an extramural course nowadays we would say 'continuing education—taught at Warwick University in 1971. Several dozen citizens of Coventry, ranging from school students to a retired automotive engineer, gathered for two hours every week to grapple with what was then called...

Windows Movie Maker 2 Zero to Hero
Windows Movie Maker 2 Zero to Hero

You've seen the promises in the advertising: Microsoft's free Movie Maker 2 will make it simple to capture, edit and share your home movies. We agree, but how do you know where to start, or where you're going? The answer is Windows Movie Maker 2 Zero to Hero, which will take you from filming your movie (with useful tips...

Fireworks MX: A Beginner's Guide
Fireworks MX: A Beginner's Guide

Essential Skills for First-Time Designers

Create beautiful artwork and Web graphics--even if you're a newcomer to graphic design. Cover the basics--vector drawing tools, bitmap image editing, and animation files--then learn all the powerful tools and features of Fireworks MX. Create Web-ready graphics including buttons, banners, and...

Click & Easy: Clicker Training for Dogs
Click & Easy: Clicker Training for Dogs
Your reward is a well-behaved dog!

Young and old, large and small, pedigreed and mixed-breed, dogs respond to clicker training. Preferred by many professionals, clicker training is a positive, precise, and effective method of reinforcing good behavior. Noted dog trainer Miriam Fields-Babineau explains clicker training
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