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Business Intelligence with SQL Server Reporting Services


Business Intelligence with SQL Server Reporting Services helps you deliver business intelligence with panache. Harness the power of the Reporting Services toolkit to combine charts, gauges, sparklines, indicators, and maps into compelling dashboards and scorecards. Create compelling visualizations that seize your audience’s attention and help business users identify and react swiftly to changing business conditions. Best of all, you'll do all these things by creating new value from software that is already installed and paid for – SQL Server and the included SQL Server Reporting Services.

Businesses run on numbers, and good business intelligence systems make the critical numbers immediately and conveniently accessible. Business users want access to key performance indicators in the office, at the beach, and while riding the subway home after a day's work. Business Intelligence with SQL Server Reporting Services helps you meet these need for anywhere/anytime access by including chapters specifically showing how to deliver on modern devices such as smart phones and tablets. You'll learn to deliver the same information, with similar look-and-feel, across the entire range of devices used in business today.

  • Key performance indicators give fast notification of business unit performance
  • Polished dashboards deliver essential metrics and strategic comparisons
  • Visually arresting output on multiple devices focuses attention

What you’ll learn

  • Produce designer dashboards which will wow your audience.
  • Mix and match relational, cube, and tabular data to drive BI.
  • Integrate gauges, maps, charts, and text to deliver targeted information.
  • Enhance SSRS interactivity to provide a more intuitive interface.
  • Adapt delivery to mobile devices such as phones and tablets.
  • Standardize presentation across the entire portal.

Who this book is for

Business Intelligence with SQL Server Reporting Services is written for Business Intelligence developers wanting to implement portals providing key performance indicators across the range of desktop and mobile devices used in business today. The book is ideal for readers having a basic knowledge of SQL Server Reporting Services, who want to step up and increase the value their business receives from it's investment in Microsoft's SQL Server ecosystem.

Table of Contents

  1. SSRS as a BI Platform
  2. KPIs and Scorecards
  3. Gauges for Dashboards
  4. Charts for Dashboards
  5. Maps for Dashboards
  6. Images for Dashboards
  7. Presentation and Design Techniques
  8. Dashboard Assembly
  9. Interface Enhancement
  10. Enhanced Interactivity
  11. Delivery to Mobile Devices
  12. Optimizing Output
  13. Appendix A: Source Data
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