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Buying a Computer for Dummies, 2004 Edition

Start here – what do you want your computer to do?

Here’s how to find your dream computer system without staying awake nights

Forget the horror stories – buying a computer does not have to be scary! Dan Gookin’s proven five-step process deletes the fear factor, even with today’s PC bells and whistles. You’ll be able to walk into intimidating electronics superstores and emerge without a scratch, carrying the computer of your dreams (well, you may want to have it delivered).

Discover how to:

  • Choose the right software for your needs
  • Locate support and service
  • Pick peripherals
  • Understand speed, memory, and storage
  • Decide whether to buy online
  • Get the most for your money

The Dummies Way

  • Explanations in plain English
  • "Get in, get out" information
  • Icons and other navigational aids
  • Tear-out cheat sheet
  • Top ten lists
  • A dash of humor and fun
About the Author
Dan Gookin (Coeur d'Alene, Idaho) wrote the first-ever For Dummies book, DOS For Dummies, as well as the bestselling Word 2002 For Dummies and PCs For Dummies. Dan's books have been translated into 32 languages and have more than 11 million copies in print.
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From Java to C#
From Java to C#
This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the C# programming language introduced by Microsoft with the first official release in February 2002. C# is part of a much larger project called .NET, which provides a vast library of classes allowing software developers to create applications to meet almost any need in the industrial and research...
Mastering Microsoft Windows 7 Administration
Mastering Microsoft Windows 7 Administration

A comprehensive guide for IT administrators deploying Windows 7

Using a task-focused approach and clear, no-nonsense instructions, this book delivers all the information you'll need to deploy and manage Windows 7 efficiently and securely. Learn how to install, configure, run, and troubleshoot Windows 7; explore advanced...

VBA for the 2007 Microsoft(R) Office System (Business Solutions)
VBA for the 2007 Microsoft(R) Office System (Business Solutions)
“VBA for the 2007 Microsoft Office System is jam-packed with code samples that you’ll be able to reuse right away in your VBA projects.”

—Guy Barrette, Microsoft MVP & Regional Director, .NET Expertise



Programming the Perl DBI
Programming the Perl DBI
The DBI is the standard database interface for the Perl programming language. The DBI is databaseindependent, which means that it can work with just about any database, such as Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Access, MySQL, etc.

While we assume that readers of this book have some experience with Perl, we don't assume much familiarity with
Alternative Capitalisms: Geographies of Emerging Regions (Hodder Arnold Publication)
Alternative Capitalisms: Geographies of Emerging Regions (Hodder Arnold Publication)
This book aims to examine the effects of globalization and economic and political transformations in the 'emerging regions' of Latin America and the Caribbean, East Central Europe and the former Soviet Union and East Asia by looking at development trajectories and the pathways of both economic and political change. This is a unique approach in...
Legitimate Applications of Peer-to-Peer Networks
Legitimate Applications of Peer-to-Peer Networks
Peer-to-peer computing has gained a lot of prominence and publicity in the past years. Several start-up companies offer software packages that can be used for building peer-to-peer overlay networks for applications such as file sharing and music swapping. However, the legal and ethical questions associated with swapping copyrighted material on the...
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