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Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance)

It's easy to get customers buzzing about your business

Here's how to launch your blog, develop a style, and make your business stand out

Whether or not you've blogged before, start here! Blogs can be great business boosters, and this book helps you choose software, get your blog up and running, open communication with customers, and focus content and structure on whatever will provide the best bang for your business. You'll even get tips from some of the best business bloggers around!

Discover how to

  • Set up and maintain a blog
  • Involve your customers
  • Earn trust, educate, and build community
  • Follow blogging etiquette and culture
  • Find the right voice
  • Encourage links to your blog
About the Author

Susannah Gardner has been an instructor in online journalism, a multimedia director, and a provider of custom Web solutions. Check out her blog at www.buzzmarketingwithblogs.com.
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Cancer and Aging Handbook: Research and Practice
Cancer and Aging Handbook: Research and Practice

A state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary approach to cancer and aging

With the majority of cancers occurring in individuals over the age of 65 against a backdrop of an expanding aging population, there is an urgent need to integrate the areas of clinical oncology and geriatric care. This timely work tackles these issues...

How to Design and Write Web Pages Today (Writing Today)
How to Design and Write Web Pages Today (Writing Today)

This standards-based approach shows readers how to create accessible, usable, and sustainable websites.

• Screenshots of different Web design approaches, practices, and user experiences―all based on work by the author

• A brief glossary of the most common terms

• A select,...

Discrete Mathematics for Computing (Grassroots)
Discrete Mathematics for Computing (Grassroots)
This book is an introductory text on a number of topics in discrete mathematics, intended primarily for students undertaking a first degree in computing. The first edition of the book grew out of a set of lecture notes of mine which were used in a first-year subject in discrete mathematics at Monash University. The subject was taken by students...

Hacking Digital Cameras (ExtremeTech)
Hacking Digital Cameras (ExtremeTech)
Why waste a thousand words?

Photos tell stories. And the more you can do with your digital camera, the better the story you can tell. So build a remote control and sneak up on that picture that keeps eluding you. Create an adapter that lets you use SLR-type lenses on your point-and-shoot. Play with lens magnification or create a pinhole...

Puppet Types and Providers
Puppet Types and Providers
Puppet is a configuration management tool that has enjoyed phenomenal growth over the last few years. Propelled by increasing demands on sysadmins, and the continuous growth of infrastructure (both physical and virtual), Puppet has been one of the key technology components of the DevOps movement. This cultural shift...
The A+ Exams Guide: (Exam 220-301) (Exam 220-302)
The A+ Exams Guide: (Exam 220-301) (Exam 220-302)
The A+ Exams Guide: Exam 220-301 & Exam 220-302 is a completely updated version of Christopher A. Crayton’s popular, no-nonsense preparatory guide to the CompTIA A+ certification exams, now covering both the 2001 and 2003 tests. The new material includes information outlining updated hardware/software technologies such as...
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