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C++ for Mathematicians: An Introduction for Students and Professionals


The first book available on C++ programming that is written specifically for a mathematical audience, C++ for Mathematicians omits the language's more obscure features in favor of the aspects of greatest utility for mathematical work. Emphasizing the essential role of practice as part of the learning process, the book is ideally designed for undergraduate coursework as well as self-study. Each chapter provides many problems and solutions which complement the text and enable you to apply concepts right away. An accompanying CD ROM provides all numbered programs so that readers can easily use or adapt the code as needed.

This book is written for you. This is the book that I wish someone had written for
me. This is a book that introduces the C++ language for people who are interested
in solving mathematical problems.

There is a dizzying selection of books on C++ written for a wide array of audiences.
Visit your favorite bookseller and you can find C++ books for finance, numerics,
computer security, game programming, embedded controllers, graphical user
interfaces, network protocols, data and file structures, engineering, scientific computing,
digital signal processing, simulation, neural nets, artists, virtual machine design,
graphics, computational physics, cellular automata, cryptography, Web agents, business,
aerospace and flight simulation, music and MIDI instruments, mobile phones,
language translation, computer-aided design, speech recognition, database development,
computer architecture, photographic imaging, fuzzy logic, hardware control,
rigid body kinematics, real programmers, and—of course—for dummies.
We assume that none of the above applies to you. We approach C++ from the
point of view of solving mathematical problems. We organize our discussion around
the mathematics and bring in the relevant C++ ideas as we need them.

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