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CodeIgniter Web Application Blueprints


Develop full-featured dynamic web applications using the powerful CodeIgniter MVC framework

About This Book

  • Create your own dynamic web application using wireframes, databases, and language files
  • Develop unique applications to perform simple tasks, such as authorizing users, sharing photos, or making a shopping platform
  • Explore the MVC framework with the help of a number of projects developed in this book

Who This Book Is For

If you are a PHP programmer or developer looking for a framework to quickly develop your applications, this book is for you. The prerequisites needed would be prior experience with CodeIgniter.

What You Will Learn

  • Create a base application to form the building blocks to develop your own web applications
  • Develop a user authorization system to enable user access and permit the resetting of passwords
  • Build an application to upload photos along with their descriptions
  • Develop a URL shortener to create a new URL and save it to the database
  • Design a job board to create and list new jobs and also register users and agents
  • Construct an application to assign time against task, by adding filters and graphics to data
  • Expand an e-commerce website to provide online shopping facility to users

In Detail

Loosely based on the Model-View-Controller pattern, CodeIgniter is an open source framework for application development. It allows you to develop projects by providing a rich set of libraries for common tasks, including a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries.

The book begins with creating a "base" application, which will be used to develop all the subsequent projects in this book. Taking you through the installation of CodeIgniter and Twitter Bootstrap, you will be introduced to some common helpers and libraries. The book will then take you through many projects, developed upon the base application. The projects include a discussion forum, a photo sharing website, and an e-commerce website. Towards the end, you will have eight projects that you can develop and amend.

This is an easy-to-follow guide consisting of a number of projects that enable you to develop full-featured applications at a fast pace.

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