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Cognitive Radio Technology (Communications Engineering)

Cognitive radio technology is a smarter, faster, and more efficient way to transmit information to and from fixed, mobile, other wireless communication devices. Cognitive radio builds upon software-defined radio technology. A cognitive radio system is 'aware' of its operating environment and automatically adjusts itself to maintain desired communicationsits like having a trained operator inside the radio making constant adjustments for maximum performance. Operating frequency, power output, antenna orientation/beamwidth, modulation, and transmitter bandwidth are just a few of the operating parameters that can automatically be adjusted on the fly in a cognitive radio system.

Fette has constructed a cutting-edge volume that hits all of the important issues including research, management, and support. Cognitive techniques will be discussed such as position and network awareness, infrastructure and physical and link layer concerns. Though still a nascent technology, cognitive radio is being pushed by the US military and for mission-critical civilian communications (such as emergency and public safety services).

*The first book on a revolutionary technology that will be critical to military, emergency, and public safety communications
*A multi-contributed volume written by the leaders in this exciting new area
*Describes the location-determination capabilities of cognitive radio (the precise location of all units in a cognitive radio network can be determined in real time)

Cognitive Radio is the Future of RF/Wireless, this Volume is Your Passport to that Future!

Few developments have created as much excitement among RF/wireless designers and engineers as cognitive radio. It seems almost magicala wireless network that is truly aware of its operating environment and adjusts its operating conditions (such as frequency and transmitter output power) to maintain desired communications and overcome interference. A solid working knowledge of cognitive radio concepts, principles, and applications will soon be essential knowledge for all RF/wireless professionals.

Answering this need, Dr. Bruce Fette has gathered together several experts on cognitive radio to shape this comprehensive guide. It begins with the foundations of cognitive and software-defined radio, and goes on to cover protocols employed by cognitive radio, as well as, hardware and software architectures, spectrum efficiency considerations, regulatory issues, and current application. Cutting-edge cognitive radio research is also considered with an emphasis on the future growth and progress of this technology.

With this volume, youll have the background to master and apply todays cognitive radio technologies and understand tomorrows developments in the field.
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