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ColdFusion MX Bible

ColdFusion MX Bible, 9780764546228 (0764546228), John Wiley & Sons, 2003
As e-business continues to grab market share, you’re continually challenged to create faster, cheaper, and more reliable e-commerce Web applications. ColdFusion MX offers the quickest, most reliable way to build and deploy them, and this comprehensive reference guides you from writing your first application all the way through the complexities of integrating with Web services, Flash, Java, COM, and XML. From installation to database connection configuration, from tag and function usage to code reuse, it’s like having your personal team of experts on call.

Inside, you’ll find complete coverage of ColdFusion MX

  • Create highly interactive, database-driven Web sites with ColdFusion’s intuitive, tag-based programming language
  • Build and deploy content publishing systems, online stores, business reporting applications, self-service solutions, and more
  • Easily create and use Web services and ColdFusion Components
  • Integrate applications with other technologies like Java, COM, and XML
  • Learn how – and why – to document your code, handle source version control, and integrate security, testing, and performance
  • Discover how to use ColdFusion with databases, Web services, and Flash Remoting
  • Extend ColdFusion applications with features like task scheduling, file operations, Verity text searching, and charting
About the Author
Adam Churvis is a database and scalability specialist with more than 20 years of software-industry experience in many languages and database platforms. He is the founder and President of Productivity Enhancement, a full-service consulting, training, and commercial-software development firm, which is entering its 18th year in business and is also the parent company of ColdFusionTraining.com, which provides the most advanced and intensive ColdFusion training in the world. Adam is a member of Team Macromedia and also serves as a current board member and former President of the Atlanta ColdFusion User Group, and he enjoys speaking at other CFUGs as well. He has a wife, whom he worships, three children, three cats, and lots and lots of computers. He can be reached at adam@ProductivityEnhancement.com.

Hal Helms is an internationally-known speaker, writer, and trainer on Java, ColdFusion, and best practices in software development. Hal writes the popular “Occasional Newsletter” available at halhelms.com, and you can reach him at hal@techspedition.com.

Charles Arehart is the founder and CTO of SysteManage, based in Laurel, Maryland. A Macromedia certified advanced developer and instructor, Charles is also a member of Team Macromedia who has logged more than 5 years with ColdFusion and more than 20 years in IT. His monthly “Journeyman” column appears in ColdFusion Developer’s Journal, where he’s a technical editor. He is a regular speaker at developer conferences, seminars, and user group meetings worldwide, and also provides training and short-term consulting. You can reach him at carehart@systemanage.com.

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