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College Algebra Demystified

College Algebra Demystified, 9780071439282 (0071439285), McGraw-Hill, 2004


One of the most valuable tools acquired in a university education, college algebra is essential for courses from the sciences to computing, engineering to mathematics. It can help you do better on placement exams, even before college, and it's useful in solving the computations of daily life. Now anyone with an interest in college algebra can master it. In College Algebra Demystified, entertaining author and experienced teacher Rhonda Huettenmueller breaks college algebra down into manageable bites with practical examples, real data, and a new approach that banishes algebra's mystery.

With College Algebra Demystified, you master the subject one simple step at a time—at your own speed. Unlike most books on college algebra, general concepts are presented first—and the details follow. In order to make the process as clear and simple as possible, long computations are presented in a logical, layered progression with just one execution per step.

This fast and easy self-teaching course will help you:

  • Perform better on placement exams
  • Avoid confusion with detailed examples and solutions that help you every step of the way
  • Conquer the coordinate plane, lines and intercepts, parabolas, and nonlinear equations
  • Get comfortable with functions, graphs of functions, logarithms, exponents, and more
  • Master aspects of algebra that will help you with calculus, geometry, trigonometry, physics, chemistry, computing, and engineering
  • Reinforce learning and pinpoint weaknesses with questions at the end of every chapter, and a final at the end of the book
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Drupal 7 Multilingual Sites
Drupal 7 Multilingual Sites
Recent estimates show at least 1.5 million websites run on Drupal, which calculates to roughly two percent of all sites. Drupal is used to create personal, business, government, and educational websites including high-profile ones such as whitehouse.gov, duke.edu, and economist.com. Drupal adoption is following a very positive...
PHP and MySQL for Dummies, Second Edition
PHP and MySQL for Dummies, Second Edition
Updated for PHP 5 and MySQL 4

Create dynamic, interactive Web pages on Windows®, Linux®, or Mac OS® X systems

Open up a whole new world of Web database applications with PHP and MySQL, the perfect open source pair! This handy guidebook shows you how, with sample applications of an...

Game Feel: A Game Designer's Guide to Virtual Sensation (Morgan Kaufmann Game Design Books)
Game Feel: A Game Designer's Guide to Virtual Sensation (Morgan Kaufmann Game Design Books)
"Feel" is the essence of human-computer interaction. It is the single most important (yet often overlooked) element in games that makes the game art form unique. No other traditional art form like film, literature, music encompasses interactivity, as games do. This book bring "feel" to the forefront and gives it a proper...

Advances in Security and Payment Methods for Mobile Commerce
Advances in Security and Payment Methods for Mobile Commerce
Recently, the emergence of wireless and mobile networks has made possible the admission of electronic commerce to a new application and research subject: mobile commerce, defined as the exchange or buying and selling of commodities, services, or information on the Internet through the use of mobile handheld devices. In just a few years, mobile...
Advanced Formal Verification
Advanced Formal Verification
With increasing design complexity, verification becomes a more and
more important aspect of the design flow. Modern circuits contain up
to several million transistors. In the meantime it has been observed that
verification becomes the major bottleneck, i.e. up to 80% of the overall
design costs are due to verification. This is
Advances in Biofuel Production: Algae and Aquatic Plants
Advances in Biofuel Production: Algae and Aquatic Plants

Due to their high growth rate, algae, microalgae, and aquatic plants are becoming the most promising photosynthetic organisms for biofuel production. Advances in Biofuel Production: Algae and Aquatic Plants explores current investigations and application of the fields of biofuel production and bioengineering and considers from a global...

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