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Communication Satellite Antennas: System Architecture, Technology, and Evaluation


A Practical Approach To Antenna Technology For Communication Satellites

This authoritative resource discusses antenna technology for communication satellites, addressing both the space and user segments. The book provides a system view of antenna applications, a description of various antenna technologies, and guidance on methodologies for antenna evaluation.

Communication Satellite Antennas begins with an overview of the parameters that characterize antennas, and goes on to cover the antenna designs, technologies, and system architectures required for communication satellite systems. Techniques to mitigate interference are covered, and the processes used in the development and characterization of antenna systems are reviewed. Discover how to:

  • Adhere to the system parameters used to quantify antenna performance
  • Understand the technologies used in wide coverage, earth coverage, narrow coverage, and array antennas
  • Work within standard communication satellite system architectures and orbital alternatives
  • Address propagation limitations and link performance
  • Implement reliable antenna interference mitigation techniques
  • Develop space segment antennas, including spot beam, multiple beam, adaptive uplink, active aperture, and point-to-point antennas
  • Apply user segment technologies, such as reflector antenna technology, antenna sidelobe control techniques, and adaptive interference cancellation systems
  • Evaluate satellite antennas and systems using rigorous methodologies
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