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Computational Engineering - Introduction to Numerical Methods

This book is an introduction to modern numerical methods in engineering. It covers applications in fluid mechanics, structural mechanics, and heat transfer as the most relevant fields for engineering disciplines such as computational engineering, scientific computing, mechanical engineering as well as chemical and civil engineering. The content covers all aspects in the interdisciplinary field which are essential for an ''up-to-date'' engineer.

Due to the enormous progress in computer technology and numerical methods
that have been achieved in recent years, the use of numerical simulation methods
in industry gains more and more importance. In particular, this applies
to all engineering disciplines. Numerical computations in many cases offer a
cost effective and, therefore, very attractive possibility for the investigation
and optimization of products and processes.

Besides the need for developers of corresponding software, there is a strong
– and still rapidly growing – demand for qualified specialists who are able to
efficiently apply numerical simulation tools to complex industrial problems.
The successful and efficient application of such tools requires certain basic
knowledge about the underlying numerical methodologies and their possibilities
with respect to specific applications. The major concern of this book is
the impartation of this knowledge in a comprehensive way.

The text gives a practice oriented introduction in modern numerical methods
as they typically are applied in engineering disciplines like mechanical,
chemical, or civil engineering. In corresponding applications the by far most
frequent tasks are related to problems from heat transfer, structural mechanics,
and fluid mechanics, which, therefore, constitute a thematical focus of the
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