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Computer-Based Testing and the Internet: Issues and Advances

We reside in various communities and live in one world. Although we may
reside in Beijing, China, on a kibbutz in Israel, or in Muleshoe, Texas, we are
aware of the impact of world events on our lives.

This has not always been true. Throughout most of history, life generally
was impacted by dominant qualities in one’s community or a region reachable
within one day. Important events that impacted the lives of those living
thousands of miles away generally were unknown and had little impact
outside that immediate area. Now, however, knowledge of events that occur
throughout the world can be received in real time and can impact others’ lives

Electronic technology accounts for much of this change. The use of telephones,
radios, televisions, and computers has drawn people who live
hundreds, even thousands of miles away into a common neighborhood by
enabling them to have improved access to information, establish and maintain
relationships, and in other ways engage in activities beyond their communities
and nations.
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Soft Methods for Handling Variability and Imprecision (Advances in Soft Computing)
Soft Methods for Handling Variability and Imprecision (Advances in Soft Computing)
Probability theory has been the only well-founded theory of uncertainty for a long time. It was viewed either as a powerful tool for modelling random phenomena, or as a rational approach to the notion of degree of belief. During the last thirty years, in areas centered around decision theory, artificial intelligence and information processing,...
Understanding and Using Linear Programming (Universitext)
Understanding and Using Linear Programming (Universitext)
From the reviews:

"The authors’ guiding phrase is ‘what every theoretical computer scientist should know about linear programming’. … this book is easy and pleasant reading. A number of examples and illustrations are provided throughout the book. … The book is well written and well organized; I recommend it...

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.1 Handbook
IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.1 Handbook

IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence (BI) helps organizations meet
strategic objectives and provides real value for the business by delivering the information everyone needs while also reducing the burden on IT.

This IBM Redbooks® publication addresses IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.1. You can use this book...

The Art of Sound Reproduction
The Art of Sound Reproduction
Designed to make life a little easier by providing all the theoretical background necessary to understand sound reproduction, backed up with practical examples. Specialist terms - both musical and physical - are defined as they occur and plain English is used throughout. Analog and digital audio are considered as alternatives, and the advantages of...
The Monthly Sky Guide
The Monthly Sky Guide
Stars are scattered across the night sky like sequins on velvet. Over 2000 of them are visible to the unaided eye at any one time under the clearest conditions, but most are faint and insignificant. Only a few hundred stars are bright enough to be prominent to the naked eye, and these are plotted on the monthly sky maps in this book. The brightest...
Adobe Audition Ignite!
Adobe Audition Ignite!
This Ignite! book from Muska & Lipman will help you understand, use, and unleash the
power of Adobe Audition, a powerful digital music editing application. Audition is Adobe’s
incarnation of Cool Edit, a program that was created by Syntrillium Software. When
Adobe first acquired Cool Edit, they repackaged it with a few
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