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Core Java Volume I--Fundamentals (10th Edition) (Core Series)


Core Java® has long been recognized as the leading, no-nonsense tutorial and reference for experienced programmers who want to write robust Java code for real-world applications. Now, Core Java®, Volume I–Fundamentals, Tenth Edition, has been extensively updated to reflect the most eagerly awaited and innovative version of Java in years: Java SE 8. Rewritten and reorganized to illuminate new Java SE 8 features, idioms, and best practices, it contains hundreds of example programs–all carefully crafted for easy understanding and practical applicability.


Writing for serious programmers solving real-world problems, Cay Horstmann helps you achieve a deep understanding of the Java language and library. In this first volume of the two-volume work, Horstmann focuses on fundamental language concepts and the foundations of modern user interface programming. You’ll find in-depth coverage of topics ranging from Java object-oriented programming to generics, collections, lambda expressions, Swing UI design, and the latest approaches to concurrency and functional programming. This guide will help you 

  • Leverage your existing programming knowledge to quickly master core Java syntax
  • Understand how encapsulation, classes, and inheritance work in Java
  • Master interfaces, inner classes, and lambda expressions for functional programming
  • Improve program robustness with exception handling and effective debugging
  • Write safer, more readable programs with generics and strong typing
  • Use pre-built collections to collect multiple objects for later retrieval
  • Master concurrent programming techniques from the ground up
  • Build modern cross-platform GUIs with standard Swing components
  • Deploy configurable applications and applets, and deliver them across the Internet
  • Simplify concurrency and enhance performance with new functional techniques 

If you’re an experienced programmer moving to Java SE 8, Core Java®, Tenth Edition, will be your reliable, practical companion–now and for many years to come.


Look for the companion volume, Core Java®, Volume II–Advanced Features, Tenth Edition (ISBN-13: 978-0-13-417729-8), for coverage of Java 8 streams, input and output, XML, databases, annotations, and other advanced topics.


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