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Corrosion Prevention and Protection: Practical Solutions


There are many books and monographs on corrosion, such as Corrosion and Corrosion Control by H. H. Uhlig and R. W. Revie; Corrosion Engineering by M. G. Fontana and N. D. Greene; Principles and Prevention of Corrosion by D. A. Jones; An Introduction to Corrosion and Protection of Metals by G. Wranglen; and Corrosion for Science and Engineering by K. R. Trethewey and J. Chamberlain. The present title differs from existing books in more ways than one, such as the chapters dealing with practical solutions. The title was chosen to reflect the content of the subject matter, which is presented in two parts.

The first chapter presents the historical development of corrosion concepts, such as the electrochemical theory of corrosion, the economic significance of corrosion and its impact, cathodic protection, Faraday’s laws, the role of oxygen, passivity, inhibitors and their classification, the role of thermodynamics, the historical development of the corrosion literature, and the establishment of scientific organizations dealing with corrosion, and centres and laboratories for studies on corrosion phenomena, progressive development of the scientific literature on corrosion, safety and its impact. The role of thermodynamics and kinetics in corrosion, electrochemical principles of corrosion, Pourbaix diagrams, the Helmholtz double layer and its significance in corrosion, electrochemical polarization, Tafel plots, activation polarization, hydrogen overvoltage, mixed potential theory of corrosion, AC impedance and potential noise in corrosion phenomena, high-temperature corrosion, corrosion prevention strategies such as design factors, corrosion-based life prediction analysis of materials, corrosion inhibitors and their role in corrosion prevention, coatings and their role in corrosion control, cathodic protection and impressed current protection are presented.

Corrosion Prevention and Protection: Practical Solutions presents a functional approach to the various forms of corrosion, such as uniform corrosion, pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion, galvanic corrosion, stress corrosion, hydrogen-induced damage, sulphide stress cracking, erosion-corrosion, and corrosion fatigue in various industrial environments.

The book is split into two parts. The first, consisting of five chapters:

  • Introduction and Principles (Fundamentals) of Corrosion
  • Corrosion Testing, Detection, Monitoring and Failure Analysis
  • Regulations, Specifications and Safety
  • Materials: Metals, Alloys, Steels and Plastics
  • Corrosion Economics and Corrosion Management

The second part of the book consists of two chapters which present:

  • a discussion of corrosion reactions, media, active and active-passive corrosion behaviour and the various forms of corrosion,
  • a collection of case histories and practical solutions which span a wide range of industrial problems in a variety of frequently encountered environments, including statues & monuments, corrosion problems in metallurgical and mineral processing plants, boilers, heat exchangers and cooling towers, aluminum and copper alloys, galvanized steel structures as well as hydrogeological environmental corrosion

This text is relevant to researchers and practitioners, engineers and chemists, working in corrosion in industry, government laboratories and academia. It is also suitable as a course text for engineering students as well as libraries related to chemical and chemical engineering institutes and research departments.

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