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Create!: The No Nonsense Guide to Photoshop Elements 2

Because Your Computer Should Improve Your Life, Not Complicate It

No Nonsense Guides are here. With a plainspoken approach, these books are inexpensive starters that are light on idle chat and heavy on practical advice. They're lean and mean and stripped down to fighting weight, so you'll get from point A to point Z with instruction that's short and sweet, clear and concise. So, crack the cover and unleash enough useful information and helpful pointers to transform you into a first-rate Photoshop Elements 2 user.

What you'll do inside:

  • Revive old photos
  • Create digital paintings
  • Organize your images
  • Optimize graphics for the Web
  • Share files with friends
  • Make slide shows
  • Save files for premium performance
  • Add 3-D type
  • Transform photos into works of art
  • Combine images
  • Create illusions
  • Improve digital photos
About the Author

Kate Bodenmiller still owns a Mac Se II, which she keeps in a box in her basement. With the help of more current apple technology, she makes a living as a freelance graphic designer in the book publishing and consumer product fields.

Greg Simsic is an artist living and working in New York City. He has penned 5 books on Photoshop and Illustrator including Photoshop Type Magic and www.photoshop.imageready-his latest. All of these books emphasize simple, clear direction-some say an antidote to his otherwise altogether aimless sojourns. He has worked in the graphics and design field for ten years.

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