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Creating Digital Content : Video Production for Web, Broadcast, and Cinema


Not very long ago, there was television, film, video, and other forms of moving imagery. Now, in the Digital Era, all of this is "content," a stream of bits providing superior picture and audio quality and options for HDTV, interactivity, e-commerce, and new ways to create and consume the world's favorite forms of visual entertainment and information. The digital content creation revolution is ushering in an exciting -- and a confusing time in TV, motion-picture, and video production. A new generation of affordable digital cameras and video-recording systems is democratizing the production industry with new opportunities for talented film- and video-makers. At the same time, cable, satellite, and Internet distribution are multiplying program-distribution options. Creating Digital Content presents a series of chapters written by industry-leading experts and journalists to help you understand this exciting new era, which is impacting everyone from corporate video professionals and major movie studios to local TV stations and talented digital filmmakers.Edited by two industry experts at the forefront of the content revolution, Creating Digital Content includes chapters on:

  • Digital Cinema
  • High Definition (24P) Production
  • Streaming Media
  • Datacasting
  • Webcasting
  • Interactive television
  • Asset Management
  • DVD
  • Interviews with George Lucas and James Cameron
  • And much more

Along with outstanding post-production tutorials, the authors also provide in-depth explanations of the new business models, revealing must-know information on surviving and profiting in a digital content creation environment.

At a time when clear and accurate introductory information on the technology transitions sweeping the worlds of TV, motion-pictures, and the Web is hard to find, this is THE guidebook for surviving--and thriving--in the digital content-creation age.

About The Author
JOHN RICE has over 25 years experience in the video industry as a producer, writer, consultant, and journalist and is the former publisher/editorial director of Videography and Corporate Television magazines.

BRIAN MCKERNAN is the editor of Digital Cinema magazine and the former Editorial Director of Videography, Television Broadcast, and Government Video.

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