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Creating the Project Office: A Manager's Guide to Leading Organizational Change (Jossey Bass Business and Management Series)

Faster, cheaper, better. Accidental project manager. In or out? Are you done
yet? We’re in a mess! Why can’t we . . . ? If these challenges sound familiar
within your organization, welcome aboard.

This is a book about improving organizational performance by implementing
a project office system that develops project management as a core competency
and thus adds value to the organization. A project office consists of a team dedicated
to improving the practice of project management in the organization. The
improvement in organizational performance is achieved by obtaining more value
from projects, making project management a standard management practice, and
then moving the organization toward the enterprise project management concept.
Enterprise project management is an organization-wide managerial philosophy.

It is based on the idea that company goals are achievable through a web of
simultaneous projects supported by a systemic approach that includes corporate
strategy projects, operations improvement, and organizational transformation
as well as traditional development projects. This means that companies view
marketing programs, advertising campaigns, promotional events, new product
launches, software development, change management, and continuous improvement,
as well as traditional design and construction of new facilities, as projects,
using project management approaches to bring them to completion. Virtually
everything can be dealt with as a project under the enterprise project management

About the Author
Randall L. Englund is an executive consultant, speaker, and trainer. Englund was a project manager at Hewlett-Packard in new product development and a consultant on their Project Management Initiative team, which provided world-wide corporate leadership for the continuous improvement of project management.
Robert J. Graham is an independent project management consultant and senior associate with the Strategic Management Group. Graham was a senior staff member at the Management and Behavioral Sciences Center at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He taught in the MBA and Ph.D. programs and the Wharton Effective Executive program. Graham and Englund coauthored Creating an Environment for Successful Projects (Jossey-Bass).
Paul C. Dinsmore is president of Dinsmore Associates, an international management consulting and training firm. He is certified as PMP— Project Management Professional— and received the Distinguished Contributions and Fellow Awards from the Project Management Institute, where he is also on the Board of the Educational Foundation. He is the author of eight books, including Winning in Business with Enterprise Project Management.
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