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Creative Greenfoot

Creative Greenfoot, 9781783980383 (1783980389), Packt Publishing, 2014

Build engaging interactive applications, games, and simulations using Java and Greenfoot

About This Book

  • Apply a wide variety of game design and programming animation techniques to create immersive interactive applications that use state-of-the-art controllers and input devices
  • Quickly learn key concepts in animation, physics, and artificial intelligence to jump-start your journey into creative computing
  • Gain a deep understanding of interactive development by working systematically from concept to design with several engaging example applications

Who This Book Is For

This book is for coding students and Java programmers of all levels interested in building engaging, interactive applications with Greenfoot. Familiarity with the very basics of Greenfoot is assumed.

What You Will Learn

  • Use various methods of animation to breathe life into all aspects of a game or simulation
  • Evaluate the different methods of collision detection and choose the right method for the task at hand
  • Design and implement scrolling and mapped environments
  • Incorporate simple techniques to give the illusion of intelligence to actors in Greenfoot scenarios
  • Create user-friendly and intuitive user interfaces
  • Heighten the user's experience by providing gamepad support for your Greenfoot scenarios

In Detail

The worlds of computers and art are merging in new and complex ways. Greenfoot is designed to ease the transition into this immerging field, allowing for the easy development of two-dimensional graphical applications, such as simulations and interactive games.

This book provides you with the knowledge and processes necessary to create engaging interactive applications in Greenfoot. It systematically covers essential technologies and algorithms used in creative programming, such as collision detection, easing, and particle effects. You will not only learn to use best practices, but also learn about how these practices were developed and how to augment them to suit your individual needs. After learning the ins and outs of designing and implementing interactive applications, you will see how to interface gamepad controllers to provide an unparalleled immersive experience.

The book will take you through the advanced, creative, and engaging functions of Greenfoot while teaching object-orientated Java.

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