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Cryptographic Security Architecture: Design and Verification

This book describes various aspects of cryptographic security architecture design, with a
particular emphasis on the use of rigorous security models and practices in the design. The
first portion of the book presents the overall architectural basis for the design, providing a
general overview of features such as the object model and inter-object communications. The
objective of this portion of the work is to provide an understanding of the software
architectural underpinnings on which the rest of the book is based.

Following on from this, the remainder of the book contains an analysis of security policies
and kernel design that are used to support the security side of the architecture. The goal of
this part of the book is to provide an awareness and understanding of various security models
and policies, and how they may be applied towards the protection of cryptographic
information and data. The security kernel design presented here uses a novel design that
bases its security policy on a collection of filter rules enforcing a cryptographic modulespecific
security policy. Since the enforcement mechanism (the kernel) is completely
independent of the policy database (the filter rules), it is possible to change the behaviour of
the architecture by updating the policy database without having to make any changes to the
kernel itself. This clear separation of policy and mechanism contrasts with current
cryptographic security architecture approaches which, if they enforce controls at all, hardcode
them into the implementation, making it difficult to either change the controls to meet
application-specific requirements or to assess and verify them.

To provide assurance of the correctness of the implementation, this thesis presents a
design and implementation process that has been selected to allow the implementation to be
verified in a manner that can reassure an outsider that it does indeed function as required. In
addition to producing verification evidence that is understandable to the average user, the
verification process for an implementation needs to be fully automated and capable of being
taken down to the level of running code, an approach that is currently impossible with
traditional methods. The approach presented here makes it possible to perform verification at
this level, something that had previously been classed as “beyond A1” (that is, not achievable
using any known technology).
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