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Current Diagnosis & Treatment in Pulmonary Medicine

The most convenient source of answers on all pulmonary conditions

*Practical, current information for day-to-day diagnosis and treatment of all conditions affecting breathing
*The choice of pulmonologists, residents, students, emergency clinicians, and general and family medicine practitioners alike
*Authoritative, easy-to-find, practical help with evaluation, treatment, and management of all common pulmonary diseases and conditions

Easy-to-use yet comprehensive, CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment in Pulmonary Medicine offers quick access to workup tools for definitive diagnosis and treatment for all common pulmonary diseases and disorders. This conveniently organized guide is the best quick reference for physicians who treat pulmonary problems.

CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment in Pulmonary Medicine features:

*Forty-two chapters of practical help with pulmonary medicine
*Easy-access organization by procedure, anatomical structure, and disease
*Concise yet complete coverage of evaluation, history-taking, and examination
*Diagnosis and treatment help with all commonly encountered pulmonary diseases, including asthma; viral, bacterial, and mycobacterial infections; interstitial, vascular, and ventilatory control disorders; cystic fibrosis; neoplasms; diseases of the mediastinum; and pulmonary hypertension
*“Essentials of Diagnosis” for every disease
*Easy-access information on diagnostic imaging and laboratory tests
*Abundant diagnostic and treatment algorithms
*Detailed advice on acute and chronic respiratory failure and mechanical ventilation
*In-depth coverage of occupational and environmental lung diseases, including practical diagnostic and treatment plans
*Expert advice on common conditions such as sleep apnea and non-pulmonary diseases that affect breathing
*250 helpful photos and illustrations
*Concise, current, and comprehensive review of pulmonary practice
*Helpful references to important new sources

About the Author

Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Acting Physician, Pulmonary Division, Denver General Hospital. Director, Pulmonary, Pulmonary Function Laboratory, Denver General Hospital. Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine, University of Colorado Health sciences Center. Staff Physician, Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center Assistant Chief, Department of Medicine, Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

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