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Custom Raspberry Pi Interfaces: Design and build hardware interfaces for the Raspberry Pi


Design and build custom hardware interfaces for the Raspberry Pi and discover low cost display and sensor options for embedded system projects. 

With this book you'll master 12C communications using Raspbian Linux in C++ and perform ADC and DAC experiments. You'll experiment with debounce buttons and switches using hardware and software solutions. Develop flywheel rotary encoder effects for ease of tuning and construct a hardware interface to the Music Playing Daemon (MPD) with developed software. Discover how to add your own hardware keypad for remote combination lock applications. 

Custom Raspberry Pi Interfaces offers a thorough chapter on interfacing 5-volt systems to 3.3-volt Raspberry Pis designed to expand your choice of peripheral options. Ready to go C++ programs involving GPIO and I2C peripherals are provided. This book also explores ADC, DAC, rotary encoders, CMOS shift registers. I2C I/O extenders.

What you'll learn:
  • Build simple, low cost input/output interfaces including rotary encoders 
  • Interface with 5-volt devices from a 3-volt Raspberry Pi system 
  • Apply analog to digital and digital to analog conversions on the Pi 
  • Read potentiometers (volume control) from the Pi 
  • Determine step, directions, and velocity of a rotary encoder 
  • Perform remote interfacing using the I2 PCF8574 chip
  • Work with external CMOS devices like the 74HC595 (in C++)

Who this book is for:
Students and hobbyists interested in building custom interfaces for their Raspberry Pis.
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