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Cyber Forensics: A Field Manual for Collecting, Examining, and Preserving Evidence of Computer Crimes


This is a comprehensive, highly usable, and clearly organized field manual of the issues, tools, and control techniques that audit, law enforcement, and infosecurity professionals need to know to successfully investigate illegal activities perpetrated through the use of information technology. All of the forensic audit routines discussed throughout the book are included on a CD-ROM, which is included with the book. With the ready-made audit routines included in the appendix, the reader can immediately implement field audits. The step-by-step design allows the reader to gain comprehension of how the routines are developed, and how they can be applied in an audit/investigative situation.

As an auditor as well as researcher and author, I realize and value the importance of timely,
well−focused, accurate information. It is with this philosophy in mind that the development of this
project was undertaken.

To the reader, a note of explanation…. This is not a text, but rather a field manual. It has been
written — better yet, compiled — and edited in a manner that will allow you to rapidly access a
specific area of interest or concern and not be forced to sequentially wade through an entire text,
chapter by chapter, to get to what is important to you.

In the true sense of a field manual, each "chapter" (and we use that term loosely) stands on its own
and presents focused, timely information on a specific topic related to cyber forensics. The author of
each "chapter" was selected for his or her expertise in a specific area within the very broad field of
cyber forensics.

Often a limiting aspect of most projects, especially those written on emerging technical topics, is the
inability to cover every aspect of the topic in a single all−inclusive text. This truth befalls this field
manual that you are about to use.

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