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Databases and Information Systems VI: Selected Papers from the Ninth International Baltic Conference, DB&IS 2010 - Volume 224 Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications

This volume presents papers from the Ninth International Baltic Conference on Databases and Information Systems (Baltic DB&IS 2010) which took place in Riga, Latvia, in July 2010. Since this successful biennial series began in 1994, the Baltic DB&IS conferences have become an international forum of high scientific criteria for academics and practitioners in the field of databases and advanced information systems (IS), as well as for the related areas of semantic technologies, ontologies and advanced software engineering technologies for information systems development and security. The international program committee selected, after careful review of the 59 papers submitted by twelve different countries, a total of 28 papers for presentation. Of these, 27 revised and extended papers are collected in this book. The subjects covered include the integration and security of IS, semantic technologies for IS, domain specific tools and languages for IS, software engineering with models and ontologies, and model based data storages and business IS. This valuable overview of original research results will primarily be of interest to all those involved in the field of databases and information systems.

IOS Press is an international science, technical and medical publisher of high-quality books for academics, scientists, and professionals in all fields.

Some of the areas we publish in:

-Artificial intelligence
-Databases and information systems
-Maritime engineering
-All aspects of physics
-The knowledge economy
-Urban studies
-Arms control
-Understanding and responding to terrorism
-Medical informatics
-Computer Sciences

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PMP Training Kit
PMP Training Kit

Your 2-in-1 Self-Paced Training Kit:

Ace your preparation for the skills measured by the updated PMP Exam, aligned with the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), Fifth Edition. Work at your own pace through a series of lessons and reviews that fully cover each exam task. Then,...

Beginning Arduino Programming (Technology in Action)
Beginning Arduino Programming (Technology in Action)

Beginning Arduino Programming allows you to quickly and intuitively develop your programming skills through sketching in code. This clear introduction provides you with an understanding of the basic framework for developing Arduino code, including the structure, syntax, functions, and libraries needed to create...

Natural Gas Hydrates, Second Edition: A Guide for Engineers
Natural Gas Hydrates, Second Edition: A Guide for Engineers

The petroleum industry spends millions of dollars every year to combat the formation of hydrates - the solid, crystalline compounds that form from water and small molecules - that cause problems by plugging transmission lines and damaging equipment. They are a problem in the production, transmission and processing of natural gas and it is...

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Windows PowerShell 3.0 Step by Step (Step by Step Developer)

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Inventor's Guide to Law, Business & Taxes
Inventor's Guide to Law, Business & Taxes
Hungry for cash, John "Doc" Pemberton sold the world's most famous trade secret -- the formula for Coca-Cola, for less than $900. Charles Goodyear had a brilliant innovation -- rubber that could be used year-round. But Goodyear made many bad deals, failed to protect his patent rights and died in 1860 owing over...
Analysis of Piezoelectric Devices
Analysis of Piezoelectric Devices

This is the most systematic, comprehensive and up-to-date book on the theoretical analysis of piezoelectric devices. It is a natural continuation of the author s two previous books: An Introduction to the Theory of Piezoelectricity (Springer, 2005) and The Mechanics of Piezoelectric Structures (World Scientific, 2006). Based on the linear,...

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