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DB2(R) SQL PL : Essential Guide for DB2(R) UDB on Linux(TM), UNIX(R), Windows(TM), i5/OS(TM), and z/OS(R) (2nd Edition)

  • IBM's definitive guide to writing DB2 SQL PL stored procedures, triggers, UDFs, and dynamic compound SQL
  • Fully updated to reflect the entire DB2 UDB product family, and new SQL PL improvements for Windows, UNIX, Linux, iSeries, and zSeries
  • Presents expert tips and best practices drawn from extensive experience in real customer environments
  • Covers everything from basic program structure through advanced techniques
  • Includes up-to-the-minute coverage of optimization and troubleshooting

Using the IBM DB2 SQL Procedural Language (SQL PL), programmers can drive major improvements in database performance, manageability, and time-to-market. Now, IBM's own experts present the definitive guide to DB2 SQL PL development on any platform: Windows, UNIX, Linux, iSeries, or zSeries.

DB2 SQL PL, Second Edition shows developers how to take advantage of every facet of the SQL PL language and development environment. The authors offer up-to-the-minute coverage, best practices, and tips for building basic SQL procedures, writing flow-of-control statements, creating cursors, handling conditions, and much more. Along the way, they illuminate advanced features ranging from stored procedures and triggers to user-defined functions.

The only book to combine practical SQL PL tutorials and a detailed syntax reference, DB2 SQL PL, Second Edition draws on the authors' unparalleled expertise with SQL PL in real business environments. Coverage includes

  • Using SQL PL to improve manageability and performance, while clearly separating DBA and development roles
  • Writing more efficient stored procedures, triggers, user-defined functions (UDFs), and dynamic compound SQL
  • Identifying SQL PL performance bottlenecks--and resolving them
  • Leveraging new language enhancements for Windows, UNIX, and Linux: improved table function support, session based locking, nested save points, new prepare options, and more
  • Using new features for iSeries V5R3: built-in string and date/time manipulation functions, SEQUENCE objects, and more
  • Utilizing zSeries Version 8's integrated stored procedures debugging and improved SQL Conditions support
  • Mastering DB2 Development Center, the unified development environment for creating DB2 stored procedures

Whether you're developing new SQL PL applications, migrating or tuning existing applications, or administering DB2, you'll find this book indispensable.

About the Author

Clara Liu, Fraser McAuthur, Michael Gao, Paul Yip, and Raul Chong are consultants from the Information Management Services at the IBM Toronto Laboratory. They work closely with the IBM DB2 development team and have extensive hands-on experience with the DB2 SQL Procedural Language (SQL PL) through their work with IBM business partners and customers.

Drew Bradstock is an engagement manager with the IBM Data Management Competitive Migrations team. He manages teams that migrate customers' infrastructure and databases to DB2 from other relational databases. He helped develop the DB2 UDB Fundamental and Database Administration Exams.

Zamil Janmohamed is a Websphere Commerce development manager at the IBM Toronto Lab. He manages a team focused on developer productivity and tooling for Websphere Commerce practitioners. He also has an extensive background working with relational databases, not only as it relates to developing applications, but also designing, implementing, and supporting databases.

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