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Debugging Applications for Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Windows


You get huge development advantages with Microsoft visual Studio .NET 2003—but you need a new bag of debugging tricks to take full advantage of them in today’s .NET and Win32 development worlds. Learn lethally effective, real-world application debugging techniques for .NET Framework 1.1 and windows with this fully updated programming guide. Debugging expert John Robbins expands the first edition of his classic debugging book with all-new scenarios and bug-killing tools, tips, and techniques. You’ll see every .NET and Windows debugging scenario here—from XML Web services and Microsoft ASP.NET to Windows services and exceptions. Along with John’s expert guidance, you get more than 6 MB of his battle-tested source code—for the tools and tactics you need to ship better software faster!

Topics covered include:

  • Where bugs come from and how to think about solving them
  • Debugging during coding
  • Operating system debugging support and how Win32 debuggers work
  • Advanced debugger usage and .NET debugging with Visual Studio .NET
  • Advanced native code techniques with Visual Studio .NET and WinDBG
  • Extending the Visual Studio .NET integrated development environment
  • Managed exception monitoring
  • Flow tracing and performance
  • Finding source and line information with just a crash address
  • Crash handlers
  • Debugging Windows services and DLLs that load into services
  • Multithreaded deadlocks
  • Automated testing
  • The Debug C run-time library
  • A high-performance tracing tool for server applications
  • Smoothing the working set
  • Appendixes: Reading Dr. Watson log files, plus resources for .NET and Windows developers
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Computational Forensics: 4th International Workshop, IWCF 2010 Tokyo, Japan
Computational Forensics: 4th International Workshop, IWCF 2010 Tokyo, Japan

This Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) volume contains the papers presented at the International Workshop on Computational Forensics (IWCF 2010), held in Tokyo, Japan during November 11–12, 2010. The workshop took place in conjunction with the 16th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Association of Forensic Science.

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