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Definitive MPLS Network Designs

Definitive MPLS Network Designs, 9781587051869 (1587051869), Cisco Press, 2005

The only design guide covering key MPLS technologies: MPLS VPNs, Pseudowires, QoS, Traffic Engineering, network recovery, IPv6, multicast

  • The definitive design guide for key MPLS technologies

  • Benefit from the authors' vast experience in MPLS network deployment and protocol design

  • Understand technology applications in various service provider and enterprise topologies

  • Visualize real-world solutions and production network best practices through clear, detailed design studies

Service providers can turn to numerous sources that describe technologies used in MPLS networks, such as QoS, Traffic Engineering (TE), and VPN; however there is no single resource that illustrates how to actually design a network that benefits from the latest technologies, and combines them optimally for a specific environment. Definitive MPLS Network Designs fills this void by providing a series of design studies showing how to combine key techniques and technologies at the heart of IP/MPLS networks in line with real-life network best practices.

The book starts with a technology refresher for each of the technologies covered in the design studies, including VPNs, TE, QoS, multicast, Pseudowires, network recovery, and IPv6. Following this overview are detailed design studies, each based on a set of characteristics and objectives common to a profile of networks deploying MPLS. The book contains a design study for an Inter-eXchange Carrier (IXC), a national telco, a Global Service Provider, and an enterprise. The authors develop each design study in a consistent manner, starting with a description of the network environment and supported services. They then identify the objectives that influenced the design. Each study then details all aspects of the network design using the latest MPLS technologies. Finally, a number of lessons to be drawn from the design study are pointed out, allowing readers to apply the solutions that meet their needs.

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