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Degunking Windows

Degunking Windows, 9781932111842 (1932111840), Paraglyph, 2004

All Windows users know that their PCs slowly develop problems—nasty gunk build-up that plagues their PCs. Here are some of the common symptoms: your PC starts to run slower, your applications will crash without warning, you can’t easily find your files and folders, you start getting tons of spam, and you encounter a host of other minor annoyances.

If you have these problems, then you need Degunking Windows--a unique guide that will save you tons of time and a pile of cash by showing your how to keep your Windows PC running quickly and efficiently. Organized according to our special “cleaning” process that will improve the performance of your computer, Degunking Windows can be used by all computer users. There’s no jargon, no subscriptions to sign up for—just follow the book, chapter by chapter. We cover all the critical topics you need to know about, including the basics of cleaning up your files, improving the performance of your hard drive(s), uninstalling programs and other gunk you don’t need, fixing your Desktop and Start menus, degunking e-mail and reducing spam, improving and cleaning the Registry, hardware stuff to help you with degunking, anti-virus and firewall security, and much more. The Degunking Sheet in the front of the book shows you how you can degunk your computer, regardless of whether you have ten minutes, one hour, or all day.

In this book you will learn how to:

  • Quickly clean up your PC, speed it up, and secure it from hackers and viruses
  • Streamline your file system so you can work faster and more efficiently
  • Reduce all the clutter that fills up your hard drive, including uninstalled programs
  • Simplify your Windows setup so you boot quickly and cleanly
  • Reduce or eliminate spam, and degunk your e-mail
  • Tweak or upgrade applications so they don’t crash
  • Avoid junking your old computing—and learn when your PC is a lost cause

About the Authors

Joli Ballew (MCSE, A+) is a full time writer, Windows expert, and digital enthusiast who also teaches, creates Web sites, and consults from her home base of Dallas, Texas. Joli has written almost a dozen books on subjects ranging from digital photography to network administration. Two of her books, Windows XP: The Ultimate User’s Guide and Windows 2000 Server On Site, are from Paraglyph Press.

Jeff Duntemann is an author, editor, programmer, lecturer, and technology columnist, with over a dozen books under his belt. His most recent book, Jeff Duntemann’s Drive-By Wi-Fi Guide, also published by Paraglyph Press, is a best-selling Wi-Fi guide for setting up a wireless network.

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