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Designing Security Architecture Solutions

The first guide to tackle security architecture at the software engineering level

Computer security has become a critical business concern, and, as such, the responsibility of all IT professionals. In this groundbreaking book, a security expert with AT&T Business's renowned Network Services organization explores system security architecture from a software engineering perspective. He explains why strong security must be a guiding principle of the development process and identifies a common set of features found in most security products, explaining how they can and should impact the development cycle. The book also offers in-depth discussions of security technologies, cryptography, database security, application and operating system security, and more.

Tackling security architecture from a software engineering perspective
With the growth of the Internet, computer security is rapidly becoming a critical business concern. In turn, as security becomes the responsibility of all IT professionals, companies must rethink the way software is built to have confidence that their mission-critical applications are protected and the privacy and integrity of their data is maintained. In this groundbreaking book, Jay Ramachandran, a security expert with AT&T’s renowned Network Services organization, explores system security architecture from a software engineering viewpoint. He explains why strong security must be a guiding principle of the development process, describes how to weave security into a system’s architecture, and identifies common patterns of implementation found in most security products. This book is an essential reference for software architects and engineers integrating security products into their applications to satisfy corporate security requirements.

Offering in-depth discussions of security principles, software process, and security technologies for cryptography, application, database, and operating system security, this book covers:

  • The integration of architecture reviews and security assessments into the software development process, explaining application architecture as a collection of protected components communicating over secure channels and operating under constraints
  • Security principles and architecture basics, including the impact of security products and security infrastructure components on applications
  • Middleware, application, database, and operating system security
  • Architectural tensions, describing how to balance security against other architectural goals such as high availability and reliability
  • Enterprise security management, including a case study on how to build financial business cases to justify security costs

Wiley Computer Publishing
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About the Author

JAY RAMACHANDRAN is a certified architect and security expert at AT&T, involved in enterprise security architecture and development. Over the past eight years, he has developed software and evaluated tools for security assurance, auditing, and management for many mission-critical network systems. He coordinated architecture reviews for operations support systems for AT&T’s core network for two years, and currently teaches workshops on systems architecture and network security. Jay holds a PhD from Ohio State University.

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