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Developing Applications with Visual Studio .NET

an in-depth guide that takes Windows programming to the next
level: creating .NET applications that leverage the prior
knowledge and experience of C++ Win32 programmers.

The .NET Framework supplies programmers with rich standard
run-time services, supports the development of Web-based
services, and provides both inter-language and inter-machine
interoperability. Programmers can now focus on creating more
complex, more distributed, and more Web-enabled applications.
This book begins by describing the .NET Framework, introducing
the facilities .NET offers and the classes programmers can use. It
goes on to describe the tools available in Visual Studio.NET and
demonstrates their use. Readers are then ready to develop and
debug applications with the help of clearly illustrated examples in
C# and Managed C++.

STUDIO.NETcovers commonly overlooked topics such as error
handling, memory management, event logging, localization issues,
performance monitoring, ATL Server, and Managed C++. Author
Richard Grimes shares his hard-won understanding of Visual
Studio.NET, emphasizing the innovations that save you time and
trouble and steering you away from those that limit programming

With this book as your guide, you will learn how to efficiently
develop strong, robust code within .NET.
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