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Developing Mobile Web ArcGIS Applications


Learn to build your own engaging and immersive geographic applications with ArcGIS

About This Book

  • Create multi-utility apps for mobiles using ArcGIS Server quickly and easily
  • Start with the basics and move through to creating advanced mobile ArcGIS apps
  • Plenty of development tips accompanying links to functional maps to help you as you learn

Who This Book Is For

This guide is invaluable to those just starting out with GIS development but will also benefit GIS professionals wishing to expand their development skills to include mobile apps.

What You Will Learn

  • Set up your development environment and understand the key frameworks and tools needed to build mobile ArcGIS apps
  • Add advanced tools to your base application including features such as address search
  • Provide cross-device support via responsive design using the Bootstrap framework
  • Integrate your mobile ArcGIS application with ArcGIS online
  • Build high performance, attractive mobile applications using the lightweight, browser-based ArcGIS Server JavaScript API
  • Get acquainted with the entire process of creating mobile apps and integrating them with other platforms
  • Leverage HTML and JavaScript techniques for mobile development
  • Create immersive and engrossing views and widgets
  • Obtain fine-grained control to provide secure, reliable GIS services

In Detail

Through this practical and accessible guide, you will learn how to build mobile applications using ArcGIS Server from scratch. You will start by covering the differences between mobile web and traditional web development. Factors such as the range of devices, design and layout, functionality, and performance considerations all make mobile development unique.

You will then move on to cover key JavaScript frameworks and libraries for mobile development and cover important structures and concepts including Dojo, responsive design, and the geolocation API, walking through developing your first ArcGIS mobile application in the process. Screenshots, tips, and code are provided clearly throughout to help you through the development process.

Finishing with advanced topics and best practices such as ArcGIS online and PhoneGap, you will finish the book with a complete mobile application and a solid foundation to develop mobile ArcGIS apps.

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