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Developing WMI Solutions: A Guide to Windows Management Instrumentation


"Craig and Gwyn bring their insight and experience with WMI to explain how easy it is to write powerful management applications through WMI on the .NET platform."

—Andy Cheung, Microsoft WMI Test Engineer

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is an impressive technology that provides, for the first time, an integrated approach to hardware and software management for the Windows operating system. Developing WMI Solutions gives administrators and developers the skills necessary to take advantage of the power of WMI with Windows 2000, XP, and .NET Server.

Developing WMI Solutions starts with an overview of the concepts behind systems management. The authors then provide a synopsis of existing management architectures, as well as an explanation of the architectural components of WMI and the tools provided by Microsoft for their use. Also included is a WMI scripting boot camp for administrators using samples in VBScript, plus a series of best practices that give scripts a professional edge.

You will find thorough coverage of such topics as:

  • The Common Information Model (CIM)
  • Developing CIM extended schemas
  • Management-application development using C++ and COM for WMI
  • MMC snap-in development using C++ and COM, presented as a tutorial
  • WMI providers and the necessary C++ and COM skills needed to expose class schema
  • Developing management applications using the .NET Framework—the first comprehensive guide to the WMI classes in the System.Management namespace
  • Finally, developers will learn about the often undersold but extremely powerful high-performance event-tracing mechanism available in Windows, which allows developers to expose detailed information about operations in an application.

    The companion Web site, located at http://www.wbem.co.uk, includes the complete set of code examples found in the book, as well as updates and related articles.

    Both a tutorial and a reference, Developing WMI Solutions is an essential companion for network administrators, software developers, and team leaders looking to become proficient with WMI.

    About the Author

    Craig Tunstall is a visiting lecturer and Ph.D. scholarship researcher at the University of Westminster in London, England. Prior to this, he was a senior Windows project leader in research and development at SDX Business Systems, a subsidiary of Lucent Technologies. Craig has been lecturing and doing research in the areas of WMI, network management, and distributed systems for the past three years.

    Gwyn Cole is a senior software engineer with Avaya (formerly the Enterprise Networks Group of Lucent Technologies) working on Windows-based Unified Messaging products. Gwyn received his computer science degree from Staffordshire University in Stafford, England, and has worked in software development for seven years. His interests are in systems management and distributed computing, and he regularly speaks at software development forums.

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