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Digital Communications: Fundamentals and Applications (2nd Edition)


Master every key digital communications technology, concept, and technique.

Digital Communications, Second Edition is a thoroughly revised and updated edition of the field's classic, best-selling introduction. With remarkable clarity, Dr. Bernard Sklar introduces every digital communication technology at the heart of today's wireless and Internet revolutions, providing a unified structure and context for understanding them -- all without sacrificing mathematical precision.

Sklar begins by introducing the fundamentals of signals, spectra, formatting, and baseband transmission. Next, he presents practical coverage of virtually every contemporary modulation, coding, and signal processing technique, with numeric examples and step-by-step implementation guidance. Coverage includes:

  • Signals and processing steps: from information source through transmitter, channel, receiver, and information sink
  • Key tradeoffs: signal-to-noise ratios, probability of error, and bandwidth expenditure
  • Trellis-coded modulation and Reed-Solomon codes: what's behind the math
  • Synchronization and spread spectrum solutions
  • Fading channels: causes, effects, and techniques for withstanding fading
  • The first complete how-to guide to turbo codes: squeezing maximum performance out of digital connections
  • Implementing encryption with PGP, the de facto industry standard

Whether you're building wireless systems, xDSL, fiber or coax-based services, satellite networks, or Internet infrastructure, Sklar presents the theory and the practical implementation details you need. With nearly 500 illustrations and 300 problems and exercises, there's never been a faster way to master advanced digital communications.


The CD-ROM contains a complete educational version of Elanix' SystemView DSP design software, as well as detailed notes for getting started, a comprehensive DSP tutorial, and over 50 additional communications exercises.

About the Author

DR. BERNARD SKLAR has over 40 years of experience in technical design and management positions at Republic Aviation, Hughes Aircraft, Litton Industries, and at The Aerospace Corporation, where he helped develop the MILSTAR satellite system. He is now head of advanced systems at Communications Engineering Services, a consulting company he founded in 1984. He has taught engineering courses at several universities, including UCLA and USC, and has trained professional engineers worldwide.

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