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Digital Photography For Dummies

Digital Photography For Dummies, 9780470250747 (0470250747), For Dummies, 2008

Your digital camera can do so much! And Digital Photography For Dummies, 6th Edition helps you shoot, edit, and share great photos. This full-color guide is packed with stuff that’s not in your camera manual — tips on upgrading your equipment, working with focus and exposure, shooting like a pro, organizing and enhancing your images, and printing them or getting them online.

Are you already you’re hip-deep in images? Here’s how to manage them. This guide helps you learn what you need for the way you take pictures, how to prolong battery life, the pros and cons of digital SLR, and more. Baffled by the lingo? The glossary explains all those terms and acronyms. You’ll also learn to:

  • Set up your camera for basic shooting and learn to use automatic mode, common scene modes, and all the camera’s features
  • Manage depth of field, exposure, and white balance, and make easy fixes with your photo editor
  • Compose your photos for better pictures
  • Easily transfer your pictures to the computer, print them, or distribute them electronically
  • Edit your images and fix common problems like dim photos and red-eye
  • Send photos to a cell phone
  • Organize your pictures so you can find what you want
  • Decide if your camera needs updating, what equipment you need, and what your digital darkroom should have

Rich, full-color examples show what you can achieve. Digital Photography For Dummies, 6th Edition will make your digital camera a lot more fun!

About the Author

Julie Adair King is author of all editions of Digital Photography For Dummies as well as guides covering Canon and Nikon cameras. She also teaches at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre. Serge Timacheff is the official photographer of the International Fencing Federation and photographs fencing events at the Olympic Games.

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