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Digital Signal Processing with Examples in MATLAB® (Electrical Engineering & Applied Signal Processing Series)


Based on fundamental principles from mathematics, linear systems, and signal analysis, digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms are useful for extracting information from signals collected all around us. Combined with today’s powerful computing capabilities, they can be used in a wide range of application areas, including engineering, communications, geophysics, computer science, information technology, medicine, and biometrics.

Updated and expanded, Digital Signal Processing with Examples in MATLAB®, Second Edition introduces the basic aspects of signal processing and presents the fundamentals of DSP. It also relates DSP to continuous signal processing, rather than treating it as an isolated operation.

New to the Second Edition

  • Discussion of current DSP applications
  • New chapters on analog systems models and pattern recognition using support vector machines
  • New sections on the chirp z-transform, resampling, waveform reconstruction, discrete sine transform, and logarithmic and nonuniform sampling
  • A more comprehensive table of transforms

Developing the fundamentals of DSP from the ground up, this bestselling text continues to provide readers with a solid foundation for further work in most areas of signal processing. For novices, the authors review the basic mathematics required to understand DSP systems and offer a brief introduction to MATLAB. They also include end-of-chapter exercises that not only provide examples of the topics discussed, but also introduce topics and applications not covered in the chapters.

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