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Docker on Windows: From 101 to production with Docker on Windows, 2nd Edition


Learn how to run new and old applications in Docker containers on Windows - modernizing the architecture, improving security and maximizing efficiency.

Key Features

  • Run .NET Framework and .NET Core apps in Docker containers for efficiency, security and portability
  • Design distributed containerized apps, using enterprise-grade open source software from Docker Hub
  • Build a CI/CD pipeline with Docker, going from source to a production Docker Swarm in the cloud

Book Description

Docker on Windows, Second Edition teaches you all you need to know about Docker on Windows, from the 101 to running highly-available workloads in production. You'll be guided through a Docker journey, starting with the key concepts and simple examples of .NET Framework and .NET Core apps in Docker containers on Windows. Then you'll learn how to use Docker to modernize the architecture and development of traditional ASP.NET and SQL Server apps.

The examples show you how to break up legacy monolithic applications into distributed apps and deploy them to a clustered environment in the cloud, using the exact same artifacts you use to run them locally. You'll see how to build a CI/CD pipeline which uses Docker to compile, package, test and deploy your applications. To help you move confidently to production, you'll learn about Docker security, and the management and support options.

The book finishes with guidance on getting started with Docker in your own projects. You'll walk through some real-world case studies for Docker implementations, from small-scale on-premises apps to very large-scale apps running on Azure.

What you will learn

  • Understand key Docker concepts: images, containers, registries and swarms
  • Run Docker on Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, and in the cloud
  • Deploy and monitor distributed solutions across multiple Docker containers
  • Run containers with high availability and failover with Docker Swarm
  • Master security in-depth with the Docker platform, making your apps more secure
  • Build a Continuous Deployment pipeline, running Jenkins and Git in Docker
  • Debug applications running in Docker containers using Visual Studio
  • Plan the adoption of Docker in your organization

Who this book is for

If you want to modernize an old monolithic application without rewriting it, smooth the deployment to production, or move to DevOps or the cloud, then Docker is the enabler for you. This book gives you a solid grounding in Docker so you can confidently approach all of these scenarios.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with Docker on Windows
  2. Packaging and Running Applications in Docker Containers
  3. Developing Dockerized .NET Framework and .NET Core Applications
  4. Sharing Images with Docker Registries
  5. Adopting Container-First Solution Design
  6. Organizing Distributed Solutions with Docker Compose
  7. Orchestrating Distributed Solutions with Docker Swarm
  8. Administering and Monitoring Dockerized Solutions
  9. Understanding the Security Risks and Benefits of Docker
  10. Powering a Continuous Deployment Pipeline with Docker
  11. Debugging and Instrumenting Application Containers
  12. Containerize What You Know - Guidance for Implementing Docker
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