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Documentum Content Management Foundations: EMC Proven Professional Certification Exam E20-120 Study Guide


This is a complete study guide including study material and practice questions to prepare for the EMC Proven Professional certification Exam E20-120. It can also serve Documentum beginners and practitioners as a handy guide and quick reference to the technical fundamentals that is fully up to date for Documentum 5.3. Beginners are introduced to concepts in a logical manner while practitioners can use it as a reference to jump to relevant concepts directly.

EMC Documentum is a leading enterprise content management technology platform that helps enterprises to streamline the capture, processing, and distribution of business information including documents, records, e-mails, web content, images, reports, and digital assets. It can also automate entire business processes in accordance with business rules.

EMC Proven Professional is an exam-based certification program, which introduced a new EMC Proven Content Management Application Developer (EMCAD) track in early 2007. The first exam in this track is Content Management Foundations (CMF) Associate-level Exam, with exam code E20-120, which tests knowledge about technical fundamentals of Documentum. This book is a study guide to help you prepare for this exam with hundreds of practice questions and an efficient exam-preparation strategy.

What you will learn from this book?

  • Key content management concepts for using Documentum
  • Documentum platform architecture
  • Using content with metadata
  • User authentication
  • Authorizing access for users and groups
  • Securing objects with permissions
  • Searching metadata and content
  • Creating custom object types
  • Managing customizations with DocApps
  • Creating portable customizations with aliases
  • Process automation with workflows and lifecycles
  • Using virtual documents for collaboration and reuse


This book discusses all the topics from the E20-120 Content Management Foundations exam syllabus and augments each topic with illustrated examples and practice questions. Two comprehensive full-length practice tests build the confidence needed to tackle the real exam successfully. By providing coherent, detailed, exam-focussed study material scrutinized by technical reviewers and plentiful practice questions this book goes far beyond dm-cram, at a fraction of the cost of EMC Training.

Who this book is written for?

This book is targeted at beginner and intermediate-level Documentum developers and professionals interested in learning the technical fundamentals of Documentum. The book focuses on preparing for the E20-120 exam, which makes it an ideal study guide for those taking the EMC Proven Professional Associate Level Certification in content management.

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