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Drools JBoss Rules 5.0 Developer's Guide

Business rules can help your business by providing a level of agility and flexibility. As a developer, you will be largely responsible for implementing these business rules effectively, but implementing them systematically can often be difficult due to their complexity. Drools, or JBoss Rules, makes the process of implementing these rules quicker and handles the complexity, making your life a lot easier!

This book guides you through all of the features of Drools, such as dynamic rules, the event model, and Rete implementation with high performance indexing. It will help you to set up the JBoss Rules platform and start creating your own business. It's easy to start developing with Drools if you follow its real-world examples that are intended to make your life easier.

Starting with an introduction to the basic syntax that is essential for writing rules, the book will guide you through validation and human-readable rules that define, maintain, and support your business agility. As a developer, you will be expected to represent policies, procedures and. constraints regarding how an enterprise conducts its business; this book makes it easier by showing you it can be done.

A real-life example of a banking domain allows you to see how the internal workings of the rules engine operate. A loan approval process example shows the use of the Drools Flow module. Parts of a banking fraud detection system are implemented with Drools Fusion module, which is the Complex Event Processing part of Drools. This in turn, will help developers to work on preventing fraudulent users from accessing systems in an illegal way.

Finally, more technical details are shown on the inner workings of Drools, the implementation of the ReteOO algorithm, indexing, node sharing, and partitioning.

What you will learn from this book?

  • Write more efficient business rules, and work with the Rete algorithm, node indexing, node sharing, and parallelization
  • Create a WS-HumanTask-compliant WorkItem in a process (workflow)
  • Implement concurrency control in cross-cutting functionalities to manage code easily
  • Write human-readable rules, and Domain Specific Language for your rules to easily understand and verify them
  • Generate a stateful service by using a stateful knowledge session that maintains state between invocations and teaches you how to transactionally persist this service
  • Develop dynamic remote knowledge-base loading to change rules in your application without even stopping it
  • Prepare decision tables for calculating account interest rates
  • Integrate Drools within your Java business application, and integrate it with the Spring framework


This is a problem-solution guide that starts with an introduction to a problem and continues with a discussion of the possible solution. The book covers best practices when working with Drools. The examples and their solutions are accompanied by plenty of code listings and figures providing a better view of the problem.

Who this book is written for?

The book is for Java developers who want to create rules-based business logic using the Drools platform. Basic knowledge of Java is essential.

About the Author

Michal Bali

Michal Bali is a senior software developer at DeCare Systems, Ireland. He has four years experience working with Drools and has extensive knowledge of Java, JEE. Michal designed and implemented several systems for a major dental insurance company. 

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