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DVD Production

DVD Production, 9780240516110 (0240516117), Focal Press, 2001
Since its introduction in the autumn of 1996, DVD has been growing at an
astronomical rate. By far the most successful launch ever of a consumer
electronics format, the adoption of DVD has outpaced that of CD, VHS, and
LaserDisc. At the same time, the format is on-target to surpass the
Compact Disc as the dominant optical storage format on new personal
computing platforms by 2002. With its unique ability to bridge the consumer
electronics and computing industries, DVD will become the standard
physical delivery medium for digital video, audio and data. Additionally,
DVD’s ability to integrate with the Internet will enable powerful synergy
between the rich media experience of DVD and the immediacy and
interactivity of the Web.

With the finalization of the DVD-Audio specification, DVD is now a family
encompassing six closely-related formats: DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, DVDAudio,
DVD-Recordable (DVD-R), DVD-Random Access Memory (DVDRAM),
and DVD-Rewritable (DVD-RW). While DVD-Video was the first of
the DVD formats to grab the attention of consumers, DVD-ROM has found
ready acceptance in the personal computing market, and the more recently
introduced DVD-RAM format is also catching on. DVD-R, meanwhile, has
established itself as an attractive medium for professional applications such
as presentations and kiosks.

With both DVD-Audio and DVD-RW debuting at the consumer level in
2000, the future looks bright for DVD’s continued growth. As a medium
for storing and playing back digital video and audio information, DVD is
unprecedented in its flexibility and its possibilities. In the coming years
we may find that DVD becomes an alternative to tape for video and
audio recording in the home, as well as in professional production
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