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DVD Studio Pro 4

DVD Studio Pro 4, 9780071470155 (0071470158), McGraw-Hill, 2006
A private DVD authoring tutorial, from one of the world's top trainers
Bruce Nazarian, "the DVD Guy," travels the world, teaching both home users and media professionals how to make world-class DVDs, using Macintosh computers with DVD Studio Pro and the Superdrive. But now you don't have to wait for one of his sought-after seminars to come to your hometown. DVD Studio Pro 4 puts his expert advice, time-tested methods, and frustration-evading shortcuts by your side. This book is ready to guide you, any time you want help from "the DVD guy."

Over a million people already have the potential to create professional-quality DVDs at home with their Superdrive-equipped Macintoshes and DVD Studio Pro. If you're one of them—or want to be -- here's the perfect guide to making great use of all that power!

No one knows more about DVD authoring with DVD Studio Pro than Bruce Nazarian, and no one explains it better. His DVD Studio Pro 4 gives you:

  • A complete and thorough explanation of what a DVD is
  • Chapter-by-chapter analysis of DVD Studio Pro 4's vast array of features
  • Step-by-step tutorials that make DVD authoring simple and fun!
  • A bonus DVD disc packed with tutorials, tools, tips, and project templates, as well as sample menu graphics
  • Thorough coverage of new hi-def features and how to encode MPEG video and AC3 audio for DVD
  • Photoshop graphics tactics for successful DVD images
  • Walkthroughs on Slideshows, Menus, Markers, and Stories
  • In-depth coverage of Scripting in DVD Studio Pro 4
  • Simple Scripting strategies and techniques
  • Overviews of DVD assets, advantages, and applications -- and ways to get the most from them
  • 150 time-saving illustrations
  • Advanced techniques to try after you've mastered the basics

Since the advent of Macs with Superdrive, the high-cost entry barrier to the world of DVDs has been knocked down. If you want in, this book has the passkeys!

About the Author
Bruce Nazarian is President of Gnome Digital Media, through which he produces, consults, and instructs on DVD. A world-renowned expert on DVD authoring and a Master Trainer, Bruce is also a member of the DVD Association National Board of Directors, and the busy webmaster of www.recipe4dvd.com and www.dvda.org.

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