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DWDM Network Designs and Engineering Solutions


A comprehensive book on DWDM network design and implementation solutions

Design Software Included

* Study various optical communication principles as well as communication methodologies in an optical fiber
* Design and evaluate optical components in a DWDM network
* Learn about the effects of noise in signal propagation, especially from OSNR and BER perspectives
* Design optical amplifier-based links
* Learn how to design optical links based on power budget
* Design optical links based on OSNR
* Design a real DWDM network with impairment due to OSNR, dispersion, and gain tilt
* Classify and design DWDM networks based on size and performance
* Understand and design nodal architectures for different classification of DWDM networks
* Comprehend different protocols for transport of data over the DWDM layer
* Learn how to test and measure different parameters in DWDM networks and optical systems

The demand for Internet bandwidth grows as new applications, new technologies, and increased reliance on the Internet continue to rise. Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) is one technology that allows networks to gain significant amounts of bandwidth to handle this growing need. DWDM Network Designs and Engineering Solutions shows you how to take advantage of the new technology to satisfy your network's bandwidth needs. It begins by providing an understanding of DWDM technology and then goes on to teach the design, implementation, and maintenance of DWDM in a network. You will gain an understanding of how to analyze designs prior to installation to measure the impact that the technology will have on your bandwidth and network efficiency. This book bridges the gap between physical layer and network layer technologies and helps create solutions that build higher capacity and more resilient networks.

Companion CD-ROM
The companion CD-ROM contains a complimentary 30-day demo from VPIphotonics™ for VPItransmissionMaker™, the leading design and simulation tool for photonic components, subsystems, and DWDM transmission systems. VPItransmissionMaker contains 200 standard demos, including demos from Chapter 10, that show how to simulate and characterize devices, amplifiers, and systems.

About the Author

Ashwin Gumaste received a master's degree in telecommunications and is currently with the Center for Advanced Telecommunications Systems and Services (CATSS) at the University of Texas at Dallas, where he is pursuing a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. He is also part of Photonics Networking Laboratory at Fujitsu in Richardson, Texas, where his research includes network development and design. Ashwin has worked with Cisco Systems in the Optical Networking Group, has written numerous papers, and has several pending U.S. patents. He was awarded the National Talent Search Scholarship in India in 1991. His research interests include optical and wireless networking and Self-Similar phenomenon in social and networking environments. He has also proposed the first architecture to implement optical burst switching and for multicasting lightpaths called Light-trails.

Tony Antony, CCNP(r), CCIP(tm), has more than 11 years of telecommunications/ data-networking experience and is currently working at Cisco Systems as a technical marketing engineer in the Optical Networking Group. He received a master's degree in telecommunications from SMU. Tony's previous experience includes engineering positions at Texas Instruments and KPMG. He has authored numerous technical papers at international conferences in the networking area. His research interests include optical Internet and network simulations.

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