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Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius



Featuring everything an electronics hobbyist could want to learn about circuits and circuit design, Dave Cutcher's Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius makes it fun to achieve genuine mastery, one simple lesson at a time. What's more, when you're done, you'll have 5 complete projects to show for your efforts!

Cutcher's 57 lessons build on each other and add up to projects you'll be proud to display, play with, and put to practical use. You don't need to know anything about electronics to begin building:

  • A night light that turns itself on as darkness falls, and off at dawn's first light
  • A professional-quality burglar alarm
  • A toy that thinks for itself with logic gates
  • An application that counts -- built on your own design
  • A two-way intercom using transistors and op amps

Designed to teach through doing, Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius provides hours of rewarding fun. That's not all. This book gives you valuable experience in circuit construction and design. You learn to test, modify, and observe results -- skills you can put to work in all the exciting circuit-building projects in your future.

Dave Cutcher makes it easy for you to master electronic circuits. Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius gives you:

  • Illustrated instructions and plans for amazing pretested projects advanced enough for sophisticated electronics enthusiasts but described in sufficient detail to be built easily by newcomers
  • Frustration-free plans -- needed parts are listed, along with sources
  • Full instructions on using a digital multimeter and turning your computer into an oscilloscope
  • Templates for CAD work and a link to a great public domain CAD program
  • Online access to an inexpensive kit (around $50) containing all the materials you need to build these projects (you can, of course, buy parts individually, wherever you choose)

GO TO: www.books.mcgraw-hill.com/authors/cutcher for:

  • Animations
  • Answers to worksheet problems
  • Links to other resources
  • .WAV files to be used as frequency generators
  • Freeware so you can apply your PC as an oscilloscope

Complete kit (including a printed circuit board), tailored to the book and its projects, is available from ABRA Electronics, Inc. for $55. See coupon inside for details.


About the Author

Dave Cutcher teaches electronics, technology, and industrial arts in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. An enthusiastic electronics hobbyist and member of the Vancouver Robotics Club and the Seattle Robotics Society, he shared the plans in this book with fellow teachers. They urged him to write this book.

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