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Engineering and Technology Management Tools and Applications

Today engineering and technology have become important factors in global
competitiveness. Under a fierce competitive environment, engineering and
technology managers are forced to achieve marketable results by focusing on
areas such as speed, quality, and cost. This can only be achieved through
effective planning, organization, and integration of rather complex multidisciplinary
activities across functional lines, a great amount of people skills,
and effective integration of new knowledge. More specifically, it basically
means that an effective knowledge of engineering and technology management
is absolutely essential for the survival of business and the maintenance
of national prosperity in today’s fiercely competitive global economy.

Today, there are a large number of books available on engineering
management and technology management, but—to the best of my knowledge—
there is none that emphasizes tools and applications such as concurrent
engineering, reengineering, value engineering, reverse engineering, total
quality management (TQM), configuration management, software engineering
management, and information technology (IT) management. Knowledge
in these areas is considered essential for engineers and other technical professionals
to manage today’s business activities effectively.
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Key Features

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