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Enterprise OSGi in Action: With examples using Apache Aries



Enterprise OSGI in Action is a hands-on guide for developers using OSGi to build the next generation of enterprise Java applications. By presenting relevant examples and case studies, this book guides the reader through the maze of new standards and projects.

About This Book

Enterprise OSGi is a set of standards for building modular Java applications which integrate seamlessly with existing Java EE technologies. It extends the OSGi component framework to distributed systems.

Enterprise OSGi in Action is a hands-on guide for developers using OSGi to build enterprise Java applications. Many examples and case studies show you how to build, test, and deploy modular web applications. The book explains how to take advantage of dynamism, distribution, and automatic dependency provisioning, while still integrating with existing Java EE applications.

The book is written for Java EE developers. No prior experience with OSGi is required.

What's Inside

  • Build modular applications using servlets, JSPs, WARs, and JPA
  • Better component reuse and robustness
  • Expert tips for Apache Aries

Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

About the Authors

Holly Cummins and Tim Ward are lead engineers who regularly speak at developerWorks, Devoxx, JavaZone, and EclipseCon. Tim has written standards in both the OSGi Core and Enterprise Specifications and both authors are active Apache Aries committers.

Table of Contents

  1. OSGi and the enterprise—why now?
  2. Developing a simple OSGi-based web application
  3. Persistence pays off
  4. Packaging your enterprise OSGi applications
  5. Best practices for enterprise applications
  6. Building dynamic applications with OSGi services
  7. Provisioning and resolution
  8. Tools for building and testing
  9. IDE development tools
  10. Hooking up remote systems with distributed OSGi
  11. Migration and integration
  12. Coping with the non-OSGi world
  13. Choosing a stack
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