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Entrepreneurial Finance: Finance and Business Strategies for the Serious Entrepreneur


Proven methods for starting a business today . . . and turning profits well into the future

Like all entrepreneurs, you love the rush of launching a new business and the challenge of growing it bigger and bigger. But, to be successful at it, you must diligently mind the down-and-dirty finance and business details that threaten to derail your plans.

Entrepreneurial Finance is a complete, one-stop resource for the latest strategies and techniques for minding the books of any type of business. Written by Steven Rogers, the successful founder of numerous businesses and one of the country's leading professors of entrepreneurship, this definitive guidebook shows you how to financially set up and manage a business. You'll learn everything from writing a growth business plan and compiling and understanding financial statements to making a company profitable, valuing a company, and raising additional venture capital.

Logically formatted for easy reference, Entrepreneurial Finance covers:

  • Business plans--What they are, what they can do, how to prepare one
  • Financial statements--How to develop them, how to analyze them
  • Money--Where and how to find it, techniques for maintaining positive cash flow

Working for yourself will be the toughest job you ever have, but Entrepreneurial Finance makes it easier by giving you a single resource packed with the latest research, insightful case studies, and step-by-step guidelines for what must be done, how to do it, and what to do when things go wrong.

About the Author

Steven Rogers
is the Gordon and Llura Gund Family Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship at Kellogg. He also teaches at many Kellogg executive programs in the U.S., Toronto, and Hong Kong.
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