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Everybody Wins: The Story and Lessons Behind RE/MAX

Our research team conducted more than 50 focused, multihour interviews
with key people inside RE/MAX International and throughout its network.
We studied the real estate industry and talked to experts. We spent
weeks with Dave and Gail Liniger and got to know the members of the
senior team well. We were allowed to poke about, ask questions, and look
into whatever we wanted, without restrictions. Everything was on the
record. We became big fans of this group of people, personally and from the
standpoint of business observers, and make no bones about our overwhelmingly
positive outlook. If you are looking for criticism, skepticism, or
negativity, you will not find it in this book. We liked what we learned
about this organization, saw huge positives in what it accomplished, and
uncovered valuable lessons about how it did it.

I believe that RE/MAX is organized around a dream. The outward goal
of that dream is to become the largest and best real estate network in the
world. The participants in that dream believe that it can only be achieved
if everybody wins. As cofounder and top leader, Dave Liniger created the
dream and gave it life by sharing it with like-minded others who brought
their own skills and leadership styles to the equation. The dynamic balance
of that equation is key to the formula that RE/MAX used to achieve
its remarkable growth.
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