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Executable UML: A Foundation for Model Driven Architecture


Executable UML is a major innovation in the field of software development. It is designed to produce a comprehensive and understandable model of a solution independent of the organization of the software implementation. It is a highly abstract thinking tool that aids in the formalization of knowledge, and is also a way of describing the concepts that make up abstract solutions to software development problems.

This timely new book, Executable UML: A Foundation for Model-Driven Architecture, thoroughly introduces, documents, and explains this important new technology. The authors show how UML can formalize requirements and use cases into a rich set of verifiable diagrams, how it can be used to produce executable and testable models, and how these models can be translated directly into code. In addition, the book explains how individual system domains are woven together by an executable UML model compiler.

The book is full of tips and techniques to help you:

  • Partition a system into subject matters based on individual aspects

  • Pick the right level for use case modeling to speed subject matter comprehension

  • Model classes and focus on relationships to capture subject matter semantics precisely

  • Express behavior using the newly adopted UML action semantics and action languages

  • Specify constraints using tags specified in OCL (Object Constraint Language)

In addition, this book tackles topics of particular importance in execution, such as how to:

  • Synchronize objects by building lifecycles using statechart diagrams

  • Model relationships and contention safely

  • Distribute dynamics to avoid unmaintainable controller objects

  • Verify the models by executing test cases against the statechart diagrams and constraints

About the Author

Stephen J. Mellor is cofounder of Project Technology, Inc., a company focused on tools to execute and translate UML models, where he now serves as vice president. He chaired the UML Action Semantics Consortium, and is now active in specifying MDA. In his copious spare time, he is a member of the IEEE Software Industrial Advisory Board.

Marc J. Balcer is a consultant with fifteen years of experience in providing custom application development services to Global 1000 companies. In 1991 he began his collaboration with Stephen J. Mellor and the late Sally Shlaer, and he now applies the techniques on client projects in such diverse areas as medical instrumentation, transportation logistics, telecommunications, and financial services.

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