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Experimenting with Raspberry Pi

Experimenting with Raspberry Pi, 9781484207703 (148420770X), Apress, 2014

Need some inspiration for your Raspberry Pi projects? Wondering how to work with Wii nunchucks, stepper motors, how to create a remote control panel? If you need guidance, Experimenting with Raspberry Pi is your own personal idea generator. Experimenting with Raspberry Pi covers how to work with various components and hardware like humidity and temperature sensors, Wii nunchucks, GPIO extenders, and IR receivers so you can add these to your own projects.

Written with budgets in mind, author Warren Gay encourages you to build, experiment, and swap out various parts to learn more about the Pi and come up with the best ideas and instructions for your own amazing Raspberry Pi project ideas.

What you’ll learn

  • How to make a GPIO extender
  • How to work with a stepper motor and the Pi, including building an H-bridge driver
  • How to make a remote control panel with the Pi
  • How to use Pulse Width Modulation with the Pi

Who this book is for

Raspberry Pi tinkerers and electronics hobbyists who want to try out the Pi with different sensors and components while learning more about how the Pi works.

Table of Contents

Ch. 1 – Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Ch. 2 - GPIO Extender

Ch. 3 - Nunchuk Mouse

Ch. 4 - Real-Time Clock

Ch. 5 - IR Receiver

Ch. 6 - Stepper Motor

Ch. 7 - The H-Bridge Driver

Ch. 8 - Remote Control Panel

Ch. 9 - Pulse Width Modulation: Driving an Analog Meter

Appendix A: Glossary

Appendix B: Power Standards

Appendix C: Electronics Reference

Appendix D: ARM Compile Options

Appendix E: Mac OS X Tips

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