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Exploiting Software : How to Break Code

How does software break? How do attackers make software break on purpose? Why are
firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and antivirus software not keeping out the bad guys?
What tools can be used to break software? This book provides the answers.
Exploiting Software is loaded with examples of real attacks, attack patterns, tools, and
techniques used by bad guys to break software. If you want to protect your software from
attack, you must first learn how real attacks are really carried out.

This must-have book may shock you—and it will certainly educate you.Getting beyond the
script kiddie treatment found in many hacking books, you will learn about
  • Why software exploit will continue to be a serious problem
  • When network security mechanisms do not work
  • Attack patterns
  • Reverse engineering
  • Classic attacks against server software
  • Surprising attacks against client software
  • Techniques for crafting malicious input
  • The technical details of buffer overflows
  • Rootkits
Exploiting Software is filled with the tools, concepts, and knowledge necessary to break
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