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First Look 2007 Microsoft  Office System

Your wishes are granted! The new release that is the focus of this book—2007 Microsoft Office
system—has been designed to answer just these kinds of needs for people working with information
the world over. The 2007 release not only offers better integration, enhanced communication,
professional presentation, and expanded collaboration but it also offers these
improvements in a greatly simplified and smart user interface that fits naturally into the
way you work.

Research has shown that people who use the Microsoft Office system today perform specific
tasks with their favorite applications. One person produces a quarterly income statement in
Microsoft Office Excel; another writes the company newsletter in Microsoft Office Word;
another creates presentations for the monthly sales meeting. They all use Microsoft Office
Outlook for e-mail: some use it to create tasks; others use Office Outlook with Business
Contact Manager to track sales leads, contacts, and accounts for their small businesses. But
research has also shown that most of us use only certain features. We don’t often venture out
into the unknown, try new things, or explore the full capabilities of the programs. We run the
risk of getting stuck in a technological rut—the same old tasks, using the same old program, in
the same old way.

The 2007 Microsoft Office system is changing all that. This newest version is a radical
departure from the menu option approach of its predecessors. For the new user interface, the
Office team went back to the drawing board and brought to bear everything they knew and all
the research they’d done about the best way to create an intuitive interface that works just the
way the user wants it. Combine the new look and feel with context-based tools, new formats,
an amazing level of integration between applications, server supports, and a focus on what
we need to do today, and you have a powerful system that saves you time, expands your
reach, and helps you work both faster and smarter by leveraging your work among your
favorite applications.
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